Stainless steel top features deep basin design to prevent spilling when cooler is inclined to 15° in any direction. Available air cooled, water cooled, or with Cupro-Nickel condenser for sea water cooling. No pre-cooler to clog or collect bacteria. Full rated capacity is based on cooling efficiency without questionable credit to pre-cooler. Large, chilled water storage assures plenty of cool water at all times, even during peak demand periods. Unique slide-in cooling package simplifies servicing, eliminates down time, and insures that cooler never needs replacement. Tank all stainless steel with stainless steel immersion coil evaporator, tested for 125 psi working pressure. Large storage to meets peak demand and insures long cycle, long life machine operation. Tank housed in a rust-proofed, vapor-proof steel container insulated with neoprene.